Pop-Up Wellness Workshops

Pop-up Wellness Workshops


CIFWI partners with professional Asian-identifying therapists and mental health professionals to provide pop-up wellness workshops

for youth, parents, and families in local schools, health facilities, and other community-based organizations. Our goal is to improve mental health and reimagine trauma-informed practices that are culturally relevant to the local Asian American and immigrant families.


Some of the workshop topics include:

1) Identity-based work
2) Gender-based work
3) Race-based work
4) Trauma-informed care
5) Intergenerational communications
6) Strength-based practices
7) Intergenerational trauma and resilience
8) Immigrant experience


Watch our latest Mandarin wellness workshop that we partnered with:

Central High School and the Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE) at the School District of Philadelphia in April 2021.

Please directly contact our Program Manager Dr. Esther Castillo if your group or organization is interested in hosting and/or co-creating wellness workshops with us.

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