Feeling Asian American

A documentary film by Janet S. Kim


Feeling Asian American was inspired by CIFWI’s “Asian American Racial Healing & Mindful Transformation” Program.

Director’s Note:

“What does it mean to feel at home? With oneself, in one’s city, around others? How do you proceed when the country you live in makes you fight for your place in it? Feeling Asian American explores the emotional journeys of five individuals, who navigated their way through their own racial reckonings in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the height of anti-Asian hate that not only continues to ripple out today, but also brings up echoes of the past, they found community, connection, and self. Through this film, we invite you to hear us, know us, see us. We are not a monolith, but we are all human.  And we are here.”


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