About the Initiative

“Community is where wellness begins.”


The Chinese Immigrant Families Wellness Initiative (CIFWI) is a wellness program under the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC).

Launched in 2020, CIFWI partners with trusted local mental health professionals and community workers to cultivate a culture of care at the family and community levels.

Programs and services include wellness workshops for parents and youth, racial healing circles, support groups in Chinese languages, and youth leadership programs to raise awareness of mental health issues and to improve intergenerational communication, and referrals to culturally situated mental health care for Asian immigrant families in Greater Philadelphia.


CIFWI introduces mental and emotional health as a key component of health and community development. We believe community is where wellness begins and wellness in turn helps build community.

CIFWI complements PCDC’s other programs to promote social equity and inclusion and to develop self efficacy in Philadelphia’s Chinese and Asian immigrant community. We do so by building the capacity to address local community needs, increasing awareness of access to resources, and working with organizational and individual partners to meet people’s mental health needs where they are at.



Increasing knowledge and understanding of mental health and emotional distress.


Improving attitudes toward behavioral health through stigma reduction and intergenerational communication.


Increasing healthy behaviors that support mental and emotional wellbeing.

CIFWI is part of Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation.

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