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2020 Cohort

Meet the 2020
Wellness Leadership Cohort

Amanda Mei (she/her)

Angelina Jala (she/her)

Devin Zhang (he/him)

Faith Applegate (she/her)

Felicia Chen (she/her)

Jenny Ni (she/her)

Jingwen Lin (she/her)

Tianyi (Joy) Wang (she/her)

Vivian Wing-Yiu Luong (she/her)

Amy Xia (she/her)

Yuan Liu (he/him)

Kaitlin Lee (she/her)

Abigail Oentung (she/her)

Chelsea Kim (she/her)

David Ren (he/him)

Dev Shah (he/him)

Emily A. Walls (they/them)

Fanny Hang (she/her)

Flora Liang (she/her)

Grace Chang (she/her)

Haoyun (Wendy) Deng 邓浩云 (she/her)

Ilysia Krzywonos (she/her)

Joey Chen (she/her)

Manda T. Nguyen (she/her)

Michelle Luu (she/her)

Queena Chen (she/her)

Ricky M. Lee (he/him)

Rose Eh (she/her)

Salena Cho (she/her)

Sanny Bian (she/her)

Tina Cheung 张嘉淋 (she/her)

Vivian Liu (she/her)

Vivian Tai (she/her)

William Huang (he/him)

Xiaohui Li (she/her)

Xiaoli Li (she/her)

Yuan Wang (she/her)

Yuxi Zhang (she/her)

Naomi Lukov (she/her)

Meet the Peer Mentors

Melinda Hu (she/her)

Heidi Chiu (she/her)

Christopher Lee (he/him)

Michelle Lau (she/her)

Jialin Huang (she/her)

Sarah Zhang (she/her)

Xinyue (Cassie) Feng (she/her)

Macy Huang (she/her)

Learning Goals for 2020 Participants:

Our faculty in 2020 included:

2020 Weekly Webinars

Intergenerational Wellness Assignment

Our faculty provide one-on-one guidance for you to complete an art/creative/academic assignment in which you will explore what intergenerational wellness means to you and your family. Students have the opportunity to share their projects with leading non-profit organizations in the region.

Our 2020 Program was sponsored by the Community Fund for Immigrant Wellness.

Hear the poem of our 2020 graduate Angelina Jala

This year’s participants and peer mentors attended school at:

High Schools


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