2020 Cohort

Meet the 2020
Wellness Leadership Cohort

Amanda Mei (she/her)

Angelina Jala (she/her)

Devin Zhang (he/him)

Faith Applegate (she/her)

Felicia Chen (she/her)

Jenny Ni (she/her)

Jingwen Lin (she/her)

Naomi Lukov (she/her)

Vivian Wing-Yiu Luong (she/her)

Amy Xia (she/her)

Yuan Liu (he/him)

Kaitlin Lee (she/her)

Tianyi (Joy) Wang (she/her)

Abigail Oentung (she/her)

Chelsea Kim (she/her)

David Ren (he/him)

Dev Shah (he/him)

Emily A. Walls (they/them)

Fanny Hang (she/her)

Flora Liang (she/her)

Grace Chang (she/her)

Haoyun (Wendy) Deng 邓浩云 (she/her)

Ilysia Krzywonos (she/her)

Joey Chen (she/her)

Manda T. Nguyen (she/her)

Michelle Luu (she/her)

Queena Chen (she/her)

Ricky M. Lee (he/him)

Rose Eh (she/her)

Salena Cho (she/her)

Sanny Bian (she/her)

Tina Cheung 张嘉淋 (she/her)

Vivian Liu (she/her)

Vivian Tai (she/her)

William Huang (he/him)

Xiaohui Li (she/her)

Xiaoli Li (she/her)

Yuan Wang (she/her)

Yuxi Zhang (she/her)

Meet the Peer Mentors

Melinda Hu (she/her)

Heidi Chiu (she/her)

Christopher Lee (he/him)

Michelle Lau (she/her)

Jialin Huang (she/her)

Sarah Zhang (she/her)

Xinyue (Cassie) Feng (she/her)

Macy Huang (she/her)

Hear the poem of our 2020 graduate Angelina Jala

This year’s participants and peer mentors attended school at:

High Schools


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