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“Community is where wellness begins”

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“I hoped to gain insight onto the different types of wellness and what that would look like in the Asian community. I wanted to see where I fit into this journey for wellness as well. The program did help me achieve these goals…The intergenerational project allowed me to see what wellness looked like in my own life and create something meaningful to represent it.”

Wellness Leadership Participant 2020

“I hoped to gain insights on how to deal with mental health for myself and others. This program gave me plentiful ideas on how to calm down and relieve my stress, which I am very grateful for.”

Youth Workshop Participant

“[The workshops] helped me not feel so alone and learn more ways to handle my issues.”

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CIFWI項目得到了社區移民健康基金(Community Fund for Immigrant Wellness)的支持,這是一個參與性的贈款倡議。



移民健康社區基金由Scattergood、Patricia Kind家庭基金會、費城城市行為健康和智障服務部門(DBHIDS)、大費城和新澤西南部的聯合路組成。


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